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Hello and Welcome to Terry's Marine Service


Terry's Marine Service became an established business on October 6th 2015 when a young marine technician decided to turn his passion for all things boating into a business. Josh Terry is the owner and president of Terry's Marine Service.

     Josh is a life long resident of Ottawa County and he grew up on Lake Erie. His passion for the boating industry started when he was very young and that love for boating is what fueled his early career as a Marine technician. When it comes to experience do not let Josh's age fool you he has over 12 years of experience working on boats. Josh has had extensive training and has earned many certifications over the last 12 years. He continues to grow and learn in order to give his customers the best service possible.  Josh stays quite busy running his company and recently becoming a new father. Josh and his wife Courtney have a young son who is already following in his dads footsteps with his love for boating. Terry's Marine is a family oriented company with employees that truly care about the work that they are doing and strive for excellence. We want to help our customers find their happy place on the water and the only way we know how to do that is by making sure their boats are safe, reliable, and over all healthy. 

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