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Boat Storage
Terry's Marine offers

Inside Heated Storage
and outside shrink wrap options

Your boat relies on you to keep it happy and healthy and we are more than happy to help you with that!

Inside heated boat storage is what is best!

Here's Why-

  • Inside your boat is protected from all the elements like the sun, the cold, and the wind. All of these things can age your boat and put your boat at risk.

  • Inside heated storage also helps with re-sale value of your boat.

  •  Not to mention that inside heated storage offers a great climate/location for either a technician or yourself to  work on your boat over the winter.

If you need Terry's marine to go get your boat for you because Winter made it's appearance too soon, DO NOT WORRY we will travel to your boat and get it into storage for you! 

You can never schedule your Storage too soon!

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Inside heated winter boat storage is available inside any one of our many heated storage buildings. We offer an exclusive package when you store your boat with Terry's Marine Service.

-Includes: Hoist, haul out, transport, power wash bottom, disconnecting batteries, and free estimates. Once spring arrives your storage also includes-  Launch, connect batteries/ charge if needed, and transportation. All boats are measured length over all this includes swim platforms (Length x Beam x amount per sq ft).

*Additional charges could apply depending on distance of transport,size of vessel, the condition of the bottom, and whether the vessel will start during haul out and launch. 


* Please call or message us to talk about saving your place in one of our clean,warm, convenient storage buildings that are fully secure but accessible to our customers. 



It's never too early to schedule your winter storage with us.  

Please call today about our amazingly competitive rates and wonderful storage facilities. 


Also available is outside shrink wrap and winterization for your boat. If you choose to store your boat outside with us we will go over all of the options with you in order to make sure that your boat is safe over the winter.




  • WINTERIZATION of the Water Systems

  • WINTERIZATION Of All Systems 

  • Disconnect of Batteries

  • And so much more! 

Terry's Marine is here for you

& Your Boat!

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